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Posted on - 2021-10-12
A lot of diagnostic chains offer curated packages to people. Some try to ‘ force-sell ‘ while others try to fit them in the prescribed tests. The basic idea behind introduction of curated packages is lost in the rat race. Packages concept was introduced to make diagnostics affordable, to have a bird’s eye view of different organs functioning of the body, monitoring existing diseases and most of all as a preventive tool to catch the diseases early. Most centres would be unable to explain the reasons for presence of specific tests in the packages. Either they don’t have time to explain or have no prior knowledge. With customer care services turning automated, most of the queries are left unanswered. Even with bigger diagnostic chains, treating physicians & surgeons are unsatisfied for not being able to discuss reports with the report signing authority. We at Leopath Wellness Labs try to educate our patients and make them aware that diagnostics tests are easy to monitor and understand. With Niramay Packages we have made sure that only specific & required tests are included in different packages. Client can anytime discuss the requirement of testing with our experienced team of Doctors and get the tests done. They are affordable, understandable and most importantly opted voluntarily. It is less known that basic tests, if interpreted properly, can give an inside view or a hint of organ functioning be it normal or abnormal. Complex testing is next step to basic testing. So keep it simple and enjoy life !

Posted on - 2018-06-22
“A heart attack occurs every 20 sec and heart attack death every minute. 2 in every 5 death is from a heart disease.” With alarming figures like these, how can anybody not be worried by heart disease? Coronary Heart Disease is linked to cholesterol which is of two types : Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) and High Density Lipoproteins(HDL). Our body only needs a finite amount of LDL and any excess will circulate in your blood. With time this accumulates in blood vessels and creates problems like atherosclerosis. Consuming food high in HDL will clean up excess LDL in your blood vessels that could lead to blockages. A heart check up would allow us to look at blood sugar among other things like Lipid profile. Smoking, obesity, diabetes and a family history of coronary heart disease are the main reasons for heart disease. Our center in Dehradun, we at Leopath Wellness we take your heart and your heart test seriously. We provide Heart Checkup services along with customized packages for preventive assessment of heart risk and all stages of heart disease. For more info visit our center

Posted on - 2018-06-26
American academy of pediatrics declares neonatal screening as one of the finest achievements of preventive medicine. Ask those mothers to whom just few drops of blood of their new borns have made a drastic difference in the quality of lives of their family. Say If Neonatal screening detects thyroid hormone deficiency and if is confirmed and properly treated , gives second chance to the baby for the whole life. At leopath wellness labs we aid and promote newborn screening at an affordable prices.

Posted on - 0018-07-12
With senior citizens, the most stress is felt by the people who are taking care of them because anything could happen. Unexpected falls amongst the elderly is a major concern due to osteoporosis and the natural loss of maintaining balance that comes with old age. As we get older, our body’s metabolism slows down and we start to experience pain in different parts of our body. Looking at the way the older generation is aging, we can get an idea of the kind of lifestyle and the genetic factors we are exposed to. Currently, the most common causes for concern among the elderly are cancer, diabetes and heart disease. We all know that the immunity of the body tends to decrease as we get older and that’s also why it’s necessary to make sure that a senior citizen is checked every six months and every time someone falls ill. At Leopath Wellness Labs, we help senior citizens take number of steps to preserve good health to enjoy their golden years. Leopath Wellness Labs offers free home collection services for all senior citizens living in Dehradun at prices they will not regret. We have especially designed Senior citizen panels both for males and females. Visit us for more details

Posted on - 2018-07-26
Are you Health Conscious ? How do you define a healthy body ? Does your employer offer you an Annual Health check up ? If for all these questions make you think before answering, then this post is for you. Annual checkups for all family members is now a sensible move for all age groups from 18 years of age onward. Families are making this an annual event for both healthy and unwell (with some additional tests) members. Detecting disorders through annual check up tests can also be cost-effective in the long run. Preventive measures tend to be cheaper than expensive medical procedures.Your Pathologist is the best guide to help you decide the package to opt for, considering age, gender, family history, finances, and other factors. Discuss in detail with your Pathologist and go ahead to make it a habit. At workplace annual checkups for employees can help lower absenteeism and improve productivity. For a healthy workforce many companies customize and run extensive annual health checkups . We at Leopath Wellness Labs, help customize and personalize this annual event both for individuals and companies. We help you chase the disease before it starts chasing you.

Posted on - 2018-09-11
Successfully completed Diabetes Screening camp with Team Leopath. Free Consultations and sugar tested of more than 100 patients. Diagnosed 15 new patients of Diabetes who are at high risk of getting Diabetes in near future. Hope they take home the message conveyed by us in the camp. We will all the participants a big thanks. We ensure they are benefited by our laboratory in coming times with priority and efficient services.

Posted on - 2018-10-05
The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland that lives just below your larynx.The thyroid is under the control of pituitary gland, which in turn takes its commands from the hypothalamus, a region of the brain that works as the communications center for the pituitary—sending messages in the form of hormones to control the release of thyroid hormones from the pituitary. Some Interesting facts about Thyroid gland hormone & disease 1) Thyroid gland influences every cell of the body having stimulatory effects 2) Its also called Body's Furnace : Cold Furnace (Hypo functioning Thyroid) --> Thermostat (Pituitary activated and produces TSH) --> Warms up and Vice sersa 3) T4-->T3 conversion occurs in Liver. If Liver is compromised available hormone is less thus producing imbalance. So keep liver healthy. 4) Manifestation of thyroid ailments can be masked or delayed. At times its an accidental finding with a bizarre manifestation. So whenever Thyroid ailment is identified go for Thyroid profile & Thyroid antibodies. 5) Anxiety and Insomnia can be signs of an overactive thyroid while , Weight gain or depression can be signs of under active thyroid 6) Thyroid gland plays a key role in pregnancy & foetal development.If not corrected on time, can lead to lifelong disability in newborns. At Leopath Wellness labs we let you know evidenced based- why, what & when Thyroid testing is required so that you have command over your ailment you reduced your OPD visits.

Posted on - 2018-10-26
Diabetes Screening camp being organized by Leopath Wellness Labs at Lodge Dalhousie Mussoorie. The team aims to maximize knowledge of Diabetes its features its handling and its prevention. Main focus would be to Screen those who either have a family history of Diabetes or are at a risk. We help to Catch the disease before it catches us. There will be a lot more to look forward.

Posted on - 2019-04-22
Leopath Wellness Labs urges all to go paperless as an initiative to go green by making each day an EARTH DAY. We provide an online & a mobile application based platforms for all our customers to download reports and invoices as soft copies. Lets do our part and the rest will take care of itself. Leopath Wellness Labs, 163 Nehru Colony, dharamur, Dehradun.

Posted on - 2019-04-30
Has anyone thought, suddenly why Vitamin D has become an important part of investigations for non-specific complaints in the body ? The truth is, this Sunshine Vitamin (D) has been researched to have numerous benefits related to cancer, bone health, mental health, and autoimmune diseases. Vitamin D is produced from cholesterol when our skin is exposed to the sun. It can be stored for long periods of time. Two main forms exists— D2 and D3 — the latter is more effective at raising vitamin D levels in your blood and is actually estimated from blood tests. The best source of vitamin D besides sun is fish liver oil — such as cod liver oil With the current lifestyle of individuals Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies these days.Its deficiency is a silent epidemic. The symptoms are usually subtle and may take years or decades to surface. Rickets has been mostly eliminated from Western countries because of the fortification of some foods with vitamin D. Its Deficiency is also linked to osteoporosis, reduced mineral density, and increased risk of falls and fractures in older adults and can be reversed with adequate intake of this vitamin. Studies indicate that people with low vitamin D levels are at a greater risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia & autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis . At Leopath Wellness labs we test for Vitamin D at an economical price and provide free consultations for optimizing levels of Vitamin D

Posted on - 2019-08-11
Is Dengue really a Scare? The scare is all in the name DENGUE - you rush to a doctor, you become anxious, get a platelet count,check if its really Dengue & what not. BOTTOM LINE IS: DENGUE fever is just another Viral infection caused by a bite of Mosquito. It'll stay there for 10-14 days and go on its own. If anyone can understand this: SCARE IS GONE !! Some Facts and Myths of Dengue Fever. FACTS: 1.One gets immune to dengue if infected with either of the 4 strains present.It’s also possible to get infected by all 4 viruses in your lifetime. 2.‘Piles of ammunition’ : stagnant water in tyres/broken pots/dustbins/water plants in house are breeding places. (IF YOU DON'T LET THEM BREED THEY WILL NOT LET YOU BLEED ) 3.If confirmed, one to ensure that for 7 days mosquitoes all around are completely eradicated. DEBUNKING POPULAR MYTHS Myth 1: Affluent are not be affected by dengue, malaria or typhoid: The word for these people is UBIQUITOUS - google it & mosquito fits its definition well. Myth 2: Fever means Dengue: What if its not ? What if its malaria or typhoid. Their symptoms can overlap. Wise people get diagnosed first and then start treatment. We at Leopath wellness labs do (RAPID FEVER DMT PANEL) that combines Dengue+Malaria+Typhoid+CBC @ an economical price. Myth 3: Rush to hospital if platelets fall substantially: Its not with everyone and not in all the cases. However doctors opinion is recommended in case of counts <50k/cumm. Important to know is WHAT TO DO ??

Posted on - 2020-03-19
COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. Symptoms include are fever, tiredness & dry cough. Some complain of body aches & pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. Most people (80%) recover without needing special treatment. Around 1/6 of all people who gets COVID-19 becomes seriously ill & develops difficulty breathing. Older people & people with pre-existing medical conditions such as high BP, CAD, lung disease, cancer or diabetes may appear to develop serious illness more often than others. ALL PEOPLE WITH MILD TO MODERATE FLU SYMPTOMS NEED NOT GET THEMSELVES TESTED FOR CORONA VIRUS. However people with fever, cough & difficulty breathing should seek medical attention & immediately seek quarantine. People can catch infection from via small droplets from the nose or mouth through cough/exhalation. These droplets land on objects & surfaces around the person who can catch COVID-19 by touching these objects or surfaces, then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. Personal protection is the easiest & best way to stay away from getting infected - Regularly clean/sanitize your h&s with an (>70%) alcohol-based h& rub or wash them with soap & water - Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself & anyone who is coughing or sneezing - Avoid touching eyes, nose & mouth - Stay home if you feel unwell

Posted on - 2020-05-26
We have kept it at the best to keep our Laboratory is COVID -SAFE

Posted on - 2020-06-11
At Leopath Wellness Labs we are in a regular upgrading phase in terms of testing, technology, quality and training. We firmly belief that a good and an honest laboratory can minimize doctor visits and aid in correct swift diagnosis of diseases. At our center we try and follow this basic need and in pursuit we have been accredited with NABL (qas-bc) by Quality council of India

Posted on - 2020-07-18
Fever has gripped the city all over and its important to first find out the reason for it. With COVID scare at our doors knocking, and with monsoons here, its important to be aware that all fevers are not COVID infections. Awareness for other fever causes is a must. It can be Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid or just a usual mild viral infection.